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Campaign launched for Norwich memorial to remember soldiers killed in World War Two massacre

The majority of the soldiers were from the Royal Norfolk Regiment.

A campaign for a memorial to be built in Norwich to honour 97 soldiers who died in a notorious World War Two massacre is being launched.

Troops from the Royal Norfolk Regiment were killed in the French village of Le Paradis in 1940.

They'd been attempting to hold up an advance on the French coast - a vital act in ensuring the success of the Dunkirk evacuation.

After running out of ammunition, they surrendered, but instead of being taken in as prisoners of war, they were lined up against a barn and gunned down by German machinegunners.

Fritz Knöchlein was executed for his role in the massacre in 1949.

Only two of the 99 soldiers managed to survive after they pretended that they were dead.

The massacre was later recognised as a war crime, and Fritz Knöchlein, the SS commander who ordered it, was executed in 1949.

Now, campaigners are calling for a permanent memorial to be erected to remember the fallen soldiers, and a meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn near Norwich Airport on Tuesday evening.