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Tim Peake tour helps Peterborough Cathedral recover from 'cash crisis'

Peterborough Cathedral is starting to shake off a financial crisis - thanks to some help from above.

A visit from astronaut Tim Peake and a space-themed exhibition have helped prompt a spike in visitors.

It was much needed - two years ago, soaring running costs and a cash flow crisis led to 14 staff being made redundant, an emergency loan, and fears for the cathedral's future.

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The 12th-century cathedral had run itself into a "huge amount of debt" and a "very large deficit on running costs", according to The Very Rev Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough.

But to mark the cathedral's 900th year and boost visitor numbers there was a special programme of events in 2018, from abseiling to a visit from Tim Peake’s spaceship.

The historic cathedral is starting to shake off its financial crisis. Credit: ITV Anglia

An exhibition which featured the Soyuz space capsule used by famous British astronaut, Tim Peake, on his return to Earth attracted a number of space enthusiasts.

Astronaut Tim Peake came to the cathedral with his Soyuz spacecraft. Credit: ITV Anglia

And another attraction came to the historic landmark this year in the shape of a giant replica of the moon. The installation by artist Luke Jerram was made using thousands of NASA satellite images.

The moon installation by artist Luke Jerram hanging in Peterborough Cathedral. Credit: ITV Anglia

"We've opened up the Cathedral in all sorts of ways- to new activities, new events, increased our footfall- and that's really beginning to move us forward now in terms of balancing our budget."

– The Very Rev Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough.