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Jailed: Woman who stole £68,000 from disabled 94-year-old army veteran

Jailed: Pauline Tagg. Credit: Essex Police

A woman from Essex has been jailed after stealing £68,000 from a 94-year-old disabled army veteran.

Pauline Tagg, from Braintree, befriended the victim and took control of her bank accounts under the pretence of helping to buy shopping.

She then transferred money between the victim’s accounts, withdrawing cash and making purchases using the victim’s bank card.

The 67-year-old intercepted the victim’s post to prevent detection of the large scale theft, spending the money on luxury holidays and gambling.

She was arrested in July 2017 after suspicion was raised when the victim received letters from her bank and a utility company notifying her of direct debit cancellations due to a lack of funds in her account.

Tagg was jailed for two years and four months and admitting stealing the money.

Sentencing her, Recorder Mark Weekes described Tagg’s actions as "a sophisticated theft that inflicted a high degree of pain on the victim.”

He said: “You lived a luxurious lifestyle on the proceeds of the crime, an offence so serious that a custodial sentence had to be imposed.”

"This was a particularly sad crime which targeted an elderly and vulnerable victim who had served her country in the army and also worked as a nurse. “To have her life savings stolen by this callous individual left the victim understandably devastated."

– Det Sgt Mick Carrington