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Northamptonshire mum speaks out on 'cowardly' killer who robbed her children of their father

Jo Frost was with Chris Matthews for 20 years Credit: ITV News Anglia

A mother from Northamptonshire has spoken about the heartbreak of preparing her children for Christmas without their father after he was stabbed to death.

Jo Frost was with Chris Matthews for 20 years and they had three children together - but he had started drinking and moved out.

He was living in a property for homeless people in Victoria Gardens when he was stabbed to death by his flatmate Spencer Hobson.

He suffered a total of 17 injuries - including cuts to his hands - from trying to defend himself.

Hobson admitted the drink and drug fuelled attack and is now serving life in prison.

Spencer Hobson was jailed for life. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

"How can you do that to someone? He's cowardly, he did it when he was asleep in bed... drunk. That's the only saving grace, he was sort of sedated really, from what the police said. He wouldn't have really felt a lot of it but no-one deserves to die like that."

– Jo Frost, Chris's estranged wife
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