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Anglia Square project given the green light

Anglia Square was built in the 1960's.

No one would ever describe Anglia Square as pretty, Sovereign House, which has stood empty for 20 years, is a classic example of urban neglect.

Built in the 1960's in the Brutalist style - Anglia Square was never actually finished and is gradually fallen into disrepair.

Few would deny that Anglia Square is in need of a face lift. But it's the manner in which it's done that is the main bone of contention.

Norwich is very proud of its skyline with its medieval cathedrals and castle and historic city hall. Critics have concerns the new development will drastically alter this.

The £300 million development would provide new homes, shops and leisure facilities - with a 20 storey high tower block.

This tower would be an alien intrusion to everything else in Norwich. But the scale as a whole is remarkable and out of place and close to would be rather overwhelming. This development, if it's built, will be there for rather a long time. It's important to get it right. What we have seen is successive schemes fail and the council should be leading the way to find a better scheme.

– John Neale, Historic England

Norwich, like every city, needs more affordable houses. Of the 1250 homes planned for the Anglia Square development just 120 would be affordable.

It's just the overall costs involved and the financial liability of it. You could have potentially had a higher percentage of affordable housing if tenure was different. But the requirement from the council was social rented and that's where the balancing act led us.

– Bob Weston, Weston Homes

Today (6 December) Norwich City Council agreed to grant planning permission. Historic England say they will now take this to the Secretary of State.