The Government is planning to pump millions of pounds into our region's police forces - but senior officers are warning that more will be needed.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced a national cash boost for police that could total nearly £1 billion - with the provisional funding settlement of up to £14 billion for 2019/20.

Council taxpayers will fund more than half of the potential £970m rise, which the Government said would represent the largest overall increase since 2010.

Cambridgeshire Police will have an extra £10.5m, Northamptonshire just over £9m and Bedfordshire £8m.

Bedfordshire Police says its rise is enough to fund 160 new officers - but it says it needs 300 to fully protect the public.

Other forces have also welcomed rises with Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green adding he would be looking carefully at how much more he could reasonably ask taxpayers to contribute.