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MPs from the East react to confidence vote as Peter Bone calls for Theresa May to resign

Peter Bone (centre) and Brandon Lewis (right) have both given their reaction to the vote. Credit: PA/ITV News

MPs from across the East have been giving their reaction after Theresa May won a vote of confidence in her leadership on Wednesday evening.

The Prime Minister secured a majority of 83, after 200 MPs backed her and 117 voted against her.

The outcome was applauded by her supporters, but her critics argued that losing the support of just over a third of MPs was a big blow.

Wellingborough MP and Brexiteer Peter Bone was among the 48 MPs who submitted a letter of no confidence to force the ballot, and following the result, he called on Mrs May to resign.

"We need to have a new leader who can unify the Conservative party and unify the country," he told ITV News.

"Clearly the vast bulk of backbenchers voted against her, and the key thing is that in 2017, after that terrible General Election result, she came to the same Committee room and said she would only lead the party if she had the support of the parliamentary party.

"When you've got more than a third voting against her, she clearly hasn't got the support of the party."

Theresa May gives a statement outside Downing Street following the vote. Credit: PA

In contrast, Great Yarmouth MP and Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis was pleased to see the Prime Minister win the contest and said that it's now time to get on with delivering Brexit.

"I'm glad colleagues have supported the Prime Minister," he said.

"We all can all get back to focussing on the key things. That's getting a Brexit deal that works for the United Kingdom and delivering on the domestic agenda - the things that people want us to focus on."