1. ITV Report

Anglia Weather: Windy with heavy and possibly freezing rain Saturday

This morning in Waterbeach. Credit: John Challis


Increasingly windy and feeling bitterly cold, with coastal gales. A band of heavy rain will move in during the afternoon, briefly turning into freezing rain locally with a risk of ice. Less windy and drier later. Maximum temperature 4 deg C (39 deg F).


Feeling less cold, with temperatures increasing during the evening. Rain clearing east early evening to become dry and largely clear. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).


Dry and mainly sunny with fog patches early on Sunday, sometimes slow to clear. Feeling less cold with light winds. Becoming cloudy during the afternoon, with heavy rain spreading east. Maximum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Cold early Monday, with fog locally. Dry with hazy sunshine, breezy later. Becoming very windy with rain and coastal gales Tuesday. Sunshine and showers Wednesday, perhaps heavy at times.