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Anglia Weather: Turning cloudier later with some rain

Cromer, Hertfordshire Photo: Carla Sears

Today: A dry, bright and chilly start, with any patchy fog gradually clearing to leave a dry day with sunny spells, though the sunshine turning hazier later in the afternoon. Winds mainly light. Maximum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

Tonight: Some clearer spells at first but turning rather more cloudy, although it will remain dry. Initially light winds, however winds will strengthen with a strong breeze developing by daybreak. Minimum temperature 4 deg C (39 deg F).

Tuesday: A dry but cloudy start, but rain spreading from the west after midday, giving some heavy bursts in places. Windy, especially around the coast. Maximum temperature 10 deg C (50 deg F).

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Wednesday, brighter, cooler and less windy, with occasional showers. Thursday, breezier with some showers, perhaps locally heavy. Friday, patchy fog at first, but rain then spreading east.