Cambridgeshire home with a million Christmas lights raises £50,000

Visitors taking photos outside the Dempseys' house Credit: ITV Anglia

Every Christmas since 2014, Robert and Amanda Dempsey create an elaborate Christmas lights display outside their home.

The house, in Turves, Cambridgeshire, attracts thousands of visitors every year. These visitors donate money to Cancer Research - the Dempseys' nominated charity. Mr Dempsey lost both his parents to cancer.

Amanda and Robert Dempsey outside their home Credit: ITV Anglia

"We do it in memory of my parents. A lot of visitors have come here, they've all lost family to it."

Robert Dempsey

The couple have raised over £50,000 for the cancer research and awareness charity.

It takes the Dempseys about a month to assemble the display, and the pair bought two diesel generator to power the lights.

The Dempseys' light display Credit: ITV Anglia

"My wife says I've got a bit of OCD - obsessive Christmas disorder. It started off small and it just grew and it got a mind of it's own. Now it's taken over our Christmas every year."

Robert Dempsey

Mr Dempsey hopes to bring take his fundraising total from £50,000 to £100,000 within five years.