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Poorer children left behind as 'learning gap' grows

. Credit: ITV Anglia

New figures show more young children in the East who grow up in poverty are struggling with basic skills like speaking full sentences.

According to the charity Save the Children the 'early learning gap' has widened in seven of eleven local authorities in the region in the last year.

This difference between children from lower-income families and their peers has widened for the first time in four years.

Central Bedfordshire has the country's third highest number of poorer five-year-olds who are falling behind.

"There is a growing gulf between children in poverty and their classmates in too many places.

“Children who start school without the tools to learn find it incredibly difficult to catch up, which risks further locking children into poverty in the future."

– Steven McIntosh, Save the Children’s Director of UK Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns