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New home needed for police dog injured on duty

Baloo Credit: Essex Police

Essex Police are searching for a new home for a dog injured on duty.

In October Baloo was responding to a car theft with her handler PC Ross Ashcroft when she was hit by a car making off from the scene.

The two-year-old had to have her front leg amputated meaning her career as a police dog was cut short.

Baloo before her injury Credit: Essex Police

The Belgian Malinois started serving in March this year and had success including tracking two violent suspects who had attacked a woman.

Her handler's role means he can not keep her and now the force is looking for a new home for the pup.

If you think you can provide a loving home for Baloo, you can reach Sgt Edhouse at the Dog Section by email:

“She has been a brilliant dog both at work and at home.

"As confident as she was at work, she was an absolute softie when taken out of work who wanted nothing more than attention and cuddles.”

– PC Ross Ashcroft