As the Christmas party season draws to a close we thought we would drop in on one where you are certain to find people struggling to string a sentence together and who are very wobbly on their feet.

Happily it is the Suffolk Babies Christmas party where the festive friends might fall over but they won't have had one too many!

Natalie Gray reports

Three hundred parents and children attend sessions every week.

Suffolk Babies is a not for profit company based in Kesgrave and funds free antenatal education.But having a new baby can be quite isolating and although it is the season to be jolly - not everyone is.

One of Suffolk Babies Santa babies Credit: ITV Anglia

" I think there's so much expectation. I think we're all sucked in to that whole world of social media and Instagram and chocolate box kind of image and actually having a new baby is really hard work . People can be quite isolated now when they have their first baby . So it's about them building a village of friends and that's what we do here."

Jo Cresdee, CEO, Suffolk Babies
One of the Suffolk Babies at their Christmas party Credit: ITV Anglia

Suffolk Babies won a council new business of the year award this year.

And at this time of the year they're determind to help as many parents as possible to have a wonderful Christmas time.