Village pub re-opens after huge whip-round by locals

The Three Tuns at Guilden Morden in Cambridgeshire has re-opened after six years. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A village pub in Cambridgeshire will be celebrating the New Year in style having re-opened after six years thanks to a fundraising drive by villagers.

The Three Tuns at Guilden Morden near Royston is serving pints again after around 270 locals invested £250,000 in the project.

A further £100,000 came from grants and loans from the Government's 'More Than A Pub' programme administered by the Plunkett Foundation.

It means the hostelry will now be saved from re-development for housing.

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The pub opened at the weekend as a taster for investors and their families.

The Tuns will fully open in the spring once the refurbishment is completed and a tenant is found.

They'll know they've got hundreds of customers with a vested interested in making it a success.

Locals in Guilden Morden near Royston have invested £250,000 to re-open their village pub. Credit: ITV News Anglia