Lake drained in search for man who went missing on the night before Christmas Eve

Police have been searching a lake in Basildon in the hunt for missing Jack Morrad (28).

A lake in Basildon is being drained in the hunt for Jack Morrad who went missing on a night out two days before Christmas.

Jack, 28, was last seen in Broadhurst Place at around 2.30am on Sunday 23 December.

Detectives have released new CCTV footage of Jack, taken at a similar time on Blake Avenue, in an attempt to gain further information about his movements that morning.

Police divers have already searched the lake in Gloucester Park and are working with the Environment Agency to lower the water level to continue the hunt.

“Night fisherman have stated they heard a man in the area of the lake at around 2am and, to further our enquiries, we need to do a thorough examination of the fishing lake.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Pitcher, Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate
The fishing lake in Gloucester Park is being drained in the search for missing Jack Morrad. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Throughout the festive period, Essex police officers and Jack’s family and friends have been carried out an extensive search, including of Gloucester Park and other waterways in the town.

Specialist search teams have carried out an search of the park and all bodies of water within it at the weekend.

Following the conclusion of those searches the main fishing lake will now be drained, which will begin on Wednesday 2 January ready to be searched on Friday.

Gloucester Park in Basildon has been searched extensively in the days since Jack went missing before Christmas. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Essex police are appealing for people to check your gardens and sheds for any signs that someone may have taken shelter there.

They also want hear from anyone who may have seen Jack in the town centre and may have information as to which direction he went.

Drivers in the town with dashcams are being asked to check footage and get in touch with any believed sightings.