Pharmacists report drug shortage amid Brexit uncertainty

Pharmacists in our region say they are running out of some drugs partly due to the disruption caused by Brexit.

A chain of chemists in Cambridge is having problems getting hold of some basic medicines such as anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

Jody Butler, Pharmacist for Pari-chem, said: "At the moment there is an issue with drug supply, probably more so than at any point in my past career."

Jody Butler is a pharmacist in Cambridge. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mr Butler added: "Brexit is one of the issues that might be playing into that but obviously the drug market is a complicated one and they’ll be multiple factors.

"We are running out of several quite basic drugs, which obviously is causing complications for the patients, delays in getting patients treatment and costing time for pharmacies and GPs."

There a shortage of drugs such as Naproxen. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mr Butler said there were currently supply issues with the anti-inflammatory drug Naproxen and the antibiotic flucloxacillin.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We are working closely with industry to ensure the continued supply of medicines whatever the Brexit outcome.

"Our number one priority is to ensure patients continue to have access to medicines as we exit the EU.

“Patients, pharmacists and the NHS will be able to access medicines in the same way that they do now.”

Mr Christof Kastner, Consultant Urologist, is concerned by Brexit. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Meanwhile, European health professionals at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge have told ITV News Anglia they are thinking of leaving the UK because of fears over Brexit.

Mr Christof Kastner, Consultant Urologist, said he was "very concerned" by a no deal scenario.

"I live in an environment here in Cambridge where there are huge opportunities for my children and for my wife," he said.

"But I would have serious concerns about the future for myself and my wife growing older - pensions, health care, what is it going to be like?

"I have four children - what are their opportunities, will they have the freedom I've had to choose and be flexible with my life?

"This is important for me and I would seriously consider what I’m going to do. I would have to make an options assessment against other options in the rest of Europe."