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Rubbish warning that could leave you with hefty fine

Luton Borough Council is cracking down on excess waste. Credit: ITV News Anglia

People living in Luton are being warned that leaving extra bags of rubbish by the side of their bins could leave them with a £400 fine.

The borough council says side waste is unsightly and can attract vermin.

From the end of this month extra black sacks and items of rubbish left by the side of bins will be stickered warning people that they could face a bill.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Most people are able to manage their waste, however there are still some bins with items that shouldn't be in there as they could be recycled. More importantly in some areas there are extra black rubbish sacks left out for collection.

Rubbish and unwanted items left by the side of bins makes a mess of our streets - it's unsightly and can attract vermin. Anyone who puts out extra bags of rubbish next to their black bin could face a fine".

– Councillor Aslam Khan, Luton Borough Council