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Finn's law passes latest parliamentary hurdle

Dave Wardell and Finn Credit: ITV News Anglia

Legislation to give police dogs and horses extra protection has become a step closer to becoming law

The Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill, named "Finn's Law" after a police dog from Hertfordshire brutally stabbed while protecting his handler, passed unopposed at second reading.

German Shepherd Finn was stabbed in the head and chest while responding to reports of a robbery in Stevenage back in 2017.

The dog was rushed to the vets, where he underwent a life-saving operation. Despite the severity of his wounds, Finn refused to let go of the suspect. A teenager was later jailed for four months.

His handler PC Dave Wardell, who was stabbed in the hand, says the dog saved his life

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The law aims to remove a section of the current law of self-defence often used by those who harm a service animal.

Today the law passed its latest stage and will no go forward for a third reading.

Dave Wardell posted this reaction.

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