No deal, no problem - Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin's Brexit plea

Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin was in Ipswich. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The boss of the Wetherspoon pub chain has called on the Government to embrace a no-deal Brexit.

Tim Martin was visiting The Cricketers in Ipswich where he told an audience they had nothing to fear from a hard Brexit.

It comes as baby bottle manufacturer Philips blamed Brexit for the closure of its factory in Suffolk with the loss of 430 jobs.

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“No deal no problem” - That is the upbeat analysis from the boss of the Wetherspoon pub chain on what would happen if the UK left the EU without a deal

Tim Martin, the Wetherspoon chairman was visiting Ipswich today. Several hundred people packed The Cricketers this morning.

He said: “I think a no deal Brexit is better because we eliminate tariffs on thousands of things we don’t produce in the UK.

“We avoid the payment of £39 billion and we regain control of fishing and increase the level of democracy.”

  • 58% of Ipswich voters wanted to leave during the referendum

The CBI and other business leaders are not so confident though.

Philips decision to close a site near Sudbury yesterday with the loss of 430 jobs came after the company had voiced Brexit concerns in the past.

The firm said it would close the site, which makes baby bottles, in 2020 and transfer most of its operations to a site in the Netherlands.

Philips is closing its Avent baby bottle factory in Suffolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tim Martin said: “Companies are notorious for blaming other factors and never say it’s down to the management, but the most frequent one is the weather. So obviously the weather in Suffolk must have been pretty good if they’ve blamed Brexit.”