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E-fit released after distraction burglaries in Suffolk

E-fit of a suspect in a number of distraction burglaries. Credit: Suffolk police

Suffolk police have released an e-fit of a man they want to trace in connection with a number of distraction burglaries.

Homes in Lavenham, Wickham Skeith and Palgrave belonging to elderly people have been targeted by a man claiming to be a police officer.

A description has also been released:

  • White but with a tanned complexion
  • 6ft and of a large build
  • Wearing a black top
  • No facial hair
  • Aged between 30 and 40
  • How to deal with Cold Callers

Always ask for identification from any unexpected callers and do not to let anyone in if you are not comfortable with whom they are and verify their identity with the company they work for.

Always use the chain and viewer on your door to see who is calling. Only open the door if you feel comfortable and always keep the chain on.

Councils and utilities companies will generally contact householders by telephone or letter if they plan to carry out repairs rather than make unsolicited calls.

If you have a back gate ensure that it is locked with a padlock. A slide bolt is not sufficient on its own.

Ensure that your doors are kept locked when you are in the house.

If you need carers or family to have access then consider fitting a key safe on the outside wall near to the front door.

If anyone calls claiming to be from the utility companies such as water, gas, electricity or the council do not let them in. Unless they can quote to you on the doorstep your personal account number which is found on your bills. If you are at all suspicious then phone the police immediately.

Please report anything suspicious as soon as possible to police on 101.