A five-year-old girl has been given an award for raising the alarm when her mother was knocked unconscious after falling down the stairs.

Scarlett Neill who's from Glemsford in Suffolk called her father straightaway and then had to speak to the 999 call handler while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. And as if that wasn't enough, she also had to look after her 1 year old brother throughout the ordeal.

She's only five years old but Scarlett Neill knew exactly what to do when her mum had an accident.

As her mum lay unconscious, she called her Dad, then answered the call from the ambulance service and stayed on the phone until they arrived.

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At the same time Scarlett managed to look after her baby brother who'd also taken a tumble down the stairs with his mum.

Scarlett said: "I just bringed him in the living room and gave him a packet of crisps then I went and seed mummy again".

"I was counting mummy's breathing and I was checking if she had no injuries and I checked if she was all right and I checked if Harvey was all right for a little bit then I went back to mummy again."

Scarlett also looked after her baby brother during the incident Credit: ITV News Anglia

Samantha Neill, Scarlett's mother, said: "It gives me a lump in my throat every time, the first time I heard it I cried, me and my husband both did, just speaking about it now makes me well up, it makes me so proud of her, you don't realise what kids are capable of, especially at the age of five."

Luckily Samantha and Harvey weren't injured from the fall but the family are just glad they had taught Scarlett what to do in an emergency.

Scarlett's been given an award by a local organisation for her bravery. She says she's just happy and proud to have done the right thing.