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Menkind: Alternative ways to keep fit and active that may even be fun

There are plenty of ways of keeping active that don't feel like exercise. Credit: PA / ITV News Anglia

Keeping fit to improve your health may be tough if you find exercise difficult or boring so here are some alternative ways to keep active.


Now the new year has started and you need to re-stock the house don’t underestimate the benefits of getting round those aisles.

Not only does carrying all those bags raise your heart rate, but pushing a shopping trolley around the supermarket for half an hour will burn more than 100 calories – a number which increases if you are carrying a few extra pounds after Christmas..

Packing your own shopping and carrying it to the car will also boost your calorie burn.

Doing the housework can burn up the calories. Credit: Tero Sivula/STT-Lehtikuva/Press Association Images

Getting your house back in shape after the festive frolics is another way to get your heart pumping.

Dusting for half an hour will also burn around 80 calories while mopping for 15 minutes will see you use around 70 calories.

What’s more, vacuuming for half an hour will burn around 120 calories which is the equivalent of a medium glass of red wine.


Why not get inspired by ITV’s Dancing on Ice! Not only is ice skating a great festive activity but it’s also a fun way to get rid of the guilt of overindulging.

For every half hour elegantly gliding (or slipping) around the rink, you’ll burn around 165 calories – the same as four roast potatoes.

Preparing a meal for about an hour can burn 70 calories. Credit: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/DPA/PA Images

While it might sound crazy after the Christmas blow out that this can help you burn those calories, being on your feet for an hour will burn around 70 calories.

And, if you’re going back and forth to set the table this will continue to rack up.

Eating the meal itself will burn 50 calories and then washing up afterwards will use around 40 calories for every 15 minutes you spend scrubbing, drying and putting away.


The good news is you can get some much deserved rest and still burn those calories.

An average night’s sleep of eight hours can use up more than 400 calories – the equivalent of a Belgian bun.

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