Victoria Pendleton admits severe depression made her want to kill herself

Victoria Pendlelton says she suffered from severe depression last year Credit: PA

Former Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton has revealed she was close to suicide after being diagnosed with severe depression.

The 38-year-old has previously spoken about her mental health issues.But in an interview with the Daily Telegraph she says her mental health deteriorated last summer when she returned home from an aborted charity climb of Mount Everest.

In a brutally honest interview, the Bedfordshire athlete admitted she had even stockpiled the medication she'd need to end her life.

“I had accumulated 1½ times the dose of drugs to kill myself. And I had it there, in front of me, and I knew how much it would take. And how long I would have to be left for it definitely to work. It wasn’t even like I was really upset about it. I just felt numb"

Victoria Pendleton, Talking to The Daily Telegraph

She goes on to say after suffering a panic attack at a friend’s house, she was advised to go and see her doctor, who immediately prescribed antidepressants.

Pendleton says she decided to give the interview to tackle her mental health issues head on and to help others going through similar ordeals.

Friends, including Ben Fogle who was part of the team climbing Everest with her, have been posting their support on social media.