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Three specially painted Tornado jets fly together

Three specially-painted RAF Tornado jets flew together for the first time at Marham in Norfolk in what is the aircraft's retirement year.

The final Tornados will leave service before the end of March after almost 40 years with the RAF.

Spectators watch from the Marham fence. Credit: PA

More than 100 plane enthusiasts gathered at the fence line of at Marham to see the three jets in flight on Wednesday.

One of the jets is painted in camouflage colours and the other two have artwork on the tail, one with the gold star of 31 Squadron, and the other with a bat with wings extended which is the badge of Nine Squadron.

One of the Tornados. Credit: PA

31 Squadron operates the Tornado GR4 from RAF Marham and is known as the Goldstars, and Nine Squadron was the world's first operational Tornado squadron.

The Tornado has been in service since 1979 and was first used in combat during the first Gulf War.

Its capabilities will be transferred to the Typhoon.