Suffolk Instagram star shares anorexia battle with thousands of followers

Suffolk Instagram star shares personal battle with anorexia Credit: ITV Anglia

An Instagram star from Suffolk with nearly 50,000 followers has opened up about her personal battle with anorexia.

Becky Evans from Felixstowe is better known as @beckyhomesweethomeaccout on the social media platform. She started sharing home makeover tips as a hobby. But, as her social media following changed and grew, so did her content.

Her Instagram page served as an outlet for her to share her own personal story of her fight with anorexia and addiction to laxatives, which threatened to ruin her life.

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Now, Becky prides herself on 'keeping it real' as an antidote to the endless stream of air-brushed photos and picture-perfect posts which, she says, creates a fake, unhealthy and image-obsessed online world.

BEAT is the UK's leading charity supporting those affected by eating disorders.

Despite Becky using social media as a platform for good, they say social media can have both positive and negative influences on those with eating disorders.

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