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Feeling blue: cloud of dye ruins homes and stains pets

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Cats return home with blue paws Credit: Chrissie Augrandjean

People living near the scene of a fire in Clacton say they're facing uncertainty after their homes were damaged by fallout from the blaze.

It was caused when a shed containing bags of dye exploded covering nearby homes in bright blue dust. One family have been told they'll have to move out of their house while many cats and dogs are still coated in the substance.

Dogs turn blue every time they go outside Credit: Chrissie Augrandjean

When fire broke out in Coppins Road in clacton it bought with it clouds of blue smoke and dust filling homes and gardens.

Jenny Bush and her family have been told they'll have to move out for 6 months.

The family's dogs are now in kennels after they turned blue following the fire.

In fact animals across a wide area have been affected.

Chrissie Augrandjean runs a local dog walking business.

The clean up is still going on in Clacton Credit: Chrissie Augrandjean
The fire has spread blue dye all over the neighbourhood Credit: ITV Anglia

The dye which had been stored in a neighbouring shed doesn't wash off easily. It's in every crevice and those affected say the cost of removing it will be huge

Even the soil in gardens will have to be removed.

The cause of the fire hasn't been confirmed.
But for people here its legacy is likely to be long lasting