Two jailed for stabbing man to death after trying to steal his car

Joe Paffey and Aidon Pearce have been jailed for the stabbing Credit: Essex Police

Two men have been jailed after stabbing a man to death as they tried to steal his car in Southend.

Fabian Kacica died when Joe Paffey plunged a knife into his chest near the Forum.

Basildon Crown Court heard he and Aidon Pearce, from Leigh-on-Sea, had been part of a group of men who surrounded Fabian's car.

Pearce pulled the car keys from the ignition which led to Fabian striking him.Paffey then lunged forward and stabbed Fabian in the chest. He fell to the ground and died a short time later.

Both offenders fled from the scene and went to a friend’s house where Paffey bragged about the stabbing.

Paffey, 20, of Old Southend Road, Southend, received life with a minimum 23 years for murder and seven years for attempted robbery, to run concurrently.

Aidon Pearce, 20, of Treecot Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, received 11 years for manslaughter and seven years for attempted robbery, also to run concurrently.

They were both convicted on Monday, December 10, following a trial.

Paffey has previous convictions for theft offences, drug possession and two offences relating to the possession of a knife.

Police said Fabian's family were devastated by his death.

Fabian Kacica was stabbed when he tried to stop Pearce and Paffey stealing his car Credit: Essex Police

Fabian Kacica was innocently waiting for two friends when he was set upon by Pearce and Paffey and murdered in a public place. He was a talented young man who had his whole life ahead of him. On May 14, 2018, he had his life taken away from him by two violent individuals. Fabian died of a single stab wound after he showed resistance against Peace and Paffey who attempted to take his possessions.

Detective Inspector Julie Gowen