A Greater Anglia train conductor who started live tweeting his passengers to keep them up to speed while they're onboard could pave the way for others to follow.

Blake Cracknell, who works on Greater Anglia and tweets as @ConductorBlake, says during disruption he can't always be near the PA so the app is a way to keep people posted.

Greater Anglia recently singled Blake out as a 'Service Diamond', which means he is tasked with finding ways to raise customer service standards across the network.

Blake has around 200 followers, most of which are his regular commuters.

"I always try to look after my passengers as best I can, and let them know what’s going on during the journey. I make regular announcements, but sometimes during disruption I can’t always be near the PA, so I took to Twitter to keep people up to date. Passengers can then also tweet me questions and I can answer, even if I’m at the other end of the train to them. It just gives that human face to the company, and helps me look after my passengers better. I’m really pleased the company agreed to let me do it and maybe other conductors might want to give it a go.”

Blake Cracknell

Over the past year the train operator has identified 30 members of its staff as role models who will coach their colleagues and generate ideas for improving customer service.

"We have a lot of staff across the business who regularly go above and beyond for our customers and the Service Diamonds initiative is a great way to harness that dedication and enthusiasm and spread it across the network, giving all our staff the skills and confidence to go the extra mile for our passengers."

Martin Moran, Customer Service & Commercial Director for Greater Anglia