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Police called in as protestors halt council meeting by staging demo

Police were called in to Norfolk County Council to try to disperse protestors. Credit: ITV News Anglia / Emily Knight

Police were called in after a Norfolk County Council meeting was delayed by protestors against a new road storming the council chamber.

The demonstration was over a new link road to the west of Norwich to link the city's northern and southern bypasses.

The protesters from the environmental group Extinction Rebellionhave been throwing paper aeroplanes and chanting in the council chamber.

The full county council meeting was due to start at 10am but didn't get underway until 2pm.

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A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, Rebecca Stott, said: "We are appalled by Norwich County Council's decision to approve the £2m in design costs for this project.

Activists from the environmental group Extinction Rebellion are protesting against a new road in Norwich. Credit: Emily Knight

"The new road will only worsen the climate emergency that we are living in.

"By the end of this century, perhaps much earlier, large parts of Norfolk and Norwich will be under water and our children and grandchildren struggling to survive.

– Rebecca Stott, Extinction Rebellion
The council is consulting on various options for a new link road to the west of Norwich. Credit: Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council says the development of the Norwich Western Link is one of its top infrastructure priorities.

It would link the northern bypass of Norwich known as the Broadland Northway from the A1067 to the A47 west of Norwich.

The council says there have been sustained calls to fill in the ‘missing link’.