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Students snooze at school to fund lollipop lady's wages

Credit: ITV Anglia

Students at a primary school in Northampton have been sleeping today- with the teachers permission!

The pupils at Blisworth Primary School in Northampton, have been taking part in a 'sponsored sleep'. They've been napping to fundraise for their lollipop lady.

Seven years ago, the local authority withdrew all funding for Blisworth's school crossing patrol. It meant the school was left to source money by themselves. Staff secured sponsorship for the past three years, but now they must fundraise for their current lollipop lady's wages. The school say they need to raise almost £4,000 a year.

Credit: ITV Anglia

"It's important because we need the children to learn to be safe, we need the cars to be aware that a lot of people do still walk to school. If I wasn't here there would be an accident of some description at some point."

– Clare Dunkley, School Crossing Patrol

Children were challenged to sleep in the school hall during the day, while family and friends sponsored the pupils for every minute they napped.

Road safety charity Brake says the decline in school crossing patrols is 'jeopardising lives'.