Top for bottoms: Cambridge museum has most carved bums in England

Now here's a cheeky story.. it turns out a museum in Cambridge could come top in the country for the amount of bottoms it has!

We kid you not- two museum workers are investigating which English institution has the most carved bums. So far Mark Small and Jack Shoulder have found that the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge has the biggest collection in the country.

Mark and Jack run the Museum Bums Twitter account, where they've been posting pictures of carved bums in museums- as you do!

Credit: ITV Anglia

"They always got a great response so we decided to take it a bit further and start visiting places to check out the bum count on display. It's bit of a cheeky way of looking at heritage and a reminder that there's a lot of fun to be had in museums."

Jack Shoulder, Museum Bums

The pair extended their project by travelling around England and discovering which institution has the biggest bum collection.

Just for reference the Cambridge museum is home to 167 perfect posteriors.

Susanne Turner, Curator of the Museum of Classical Archaeology Credit: ITV Anglia

"Obviously we feel pride and vindication about this news. It's a good giggle...we have quite a few because the Greeks and Romans liked their naked statues."

Susanne Turner, Curator of the Museum of Classical Archaeology