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Norwich firefighters take part in continuous climb to raise money for little boy with cancer

Firefighters in Norwich have been climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest in support of a little boy who has cancer.

Harry Deeba, 2, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last year and his family are hoping to raise £239,000 to give him an opportunity to take part in a trial vaccine that has been created in New York.

The vaccine has shown promising signs of reducing the risk of a relapse and could greatly increase Harry's chances of making a full recovery.

Harry's family are hoping to raise money to send him to America for treatment. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Harry, who is obsessed with fire engines, spent the day with firefighters from the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service back in December, and they were so touched by his story that they decided to join the fundraising effort.

On Saturday, around 50 firefighters took part in a continuous climb in Norwich in which they repeatedly made their way up and down an aerial platform ladder.

"He's an infectious little boy," Ryon Martin, watch manager for North Earlham Fire Station said.

"As soon as we knew he needed to fundraise, as a watch, we felt we had to step up and do something.

"If you've got children, it stirs your heart. As soon as I put the call out, people answered."

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