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Man sinks up to his neck in manure trying to rescue dog

Brian Marshall became stuck in manure in Bedfordshire. Credit: SWNS

A man has been rescued after becoming trapped up to his neck in manure while walking his dog in Bedfordshire.

Brian Marshall was trying to save his Jack Russell from the muck near Upper Caldecote when he started sinking.

The 75-year-old was stuck for around an hour before his cries for help were heard and the fire service was called.

Crews were able to pull him and his dog free.

  • Click below for mobile phone footage of the rescue

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "If you do happen to find yourself in a position where a pet or other animal is caught in water, mud or in this case a muck heap - please call 999 immediately for advice rather than putting yourself in a situation where you can’t help emergency crews to locate the incident or more seriously put yourself into a place of danger."

Brian Marshall is pulled free by firefighters. Credit: SWNS
Brian Marshall was stuck for more than an hour in slurry. Credit: SWNS
Brian Marshall and his dogs after his rescue. Credit: SWNS
Bedfordshire firefighters free a man stuck in manure. Credit: SWNS