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Norfolk grandmother who suffered burns in tragic accident finally getting her life back on track

A grandmother from Norfolk has been talking about her recovery after a split-second decision left her with catastrophic injuries.

Dawn Abbott, from Swaffham, suffered burns to more than half her body and nearly died back in September 2013.

Dawn was looking for a screwdriver in the garden shed, but while searching, she spilled white spirit on herself.

When bending down to pick the bottle off the floor, she spotted a cigarette lighter, and by instinct, flicked it - from then on, Dawn's life changed forever.

Dawn nearly died before being put in an induced coma Credit: Family photo

Dawn was airlifted to Broomfield hospital in Essex and put in an induced coma for two weeks.

She suffered 55 per cent burns to her face, neck and upper body.

It was only three months after the accident, Dawn realised what happened.

When I did eventually wake up, I thought I had just been in a car accident.

I had a one to one lady with me the whole time who would check on me and she said are you ready to look in the mirror Dawn, I said 'OK'.

I wanted to get it over and done with, so she handed me this mirror, I looked and I said I don't want to look again.

One day I got out the shower and I looked in the mirror and burst out crying because I could see everything. I just said 'I am never going to heal, I am never going to heal."

– Dawn Abbott
When Dawn woke up in hospital, she had no idea what had happened Credit: ITV News Anglia

Dawn spent eight months in hospital, but when she returned home she was too scared to go outside.

She felt like a prisoner in her home and had to learn to eat and walk again.

Dawn recently appeared on the ITV show 'This Time Next Year' to tell her story and try to build up her confidence again.

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The show has made a big difference to both Dawn and her family.

"I was in shock for many months", Dawn's husband John said.

"I still didn't believe it was Dawn and this had happened. It took me a very long time to come around. There were times I had to walk out of hospital, and have a little tear. Now she is willing to go out and get her life back. As a family it has brought us all back together."

The mum-of-three and husband John before the incident Credit: Family photo