Women's campaign to clear litter from North Norfolk salt marshes

Zoe Dunford from the Coastal Exploration Company sculls out to the Wells marshes. Credit: ITV Anglia

Two women have begun a campaign to collect litter from one of the most inaccessible parts of our region - the salt marshes of North Norfolk.

Teeming with bird and plant life, they are one of our last real wildernesses and are largely only accessible by boat.

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Zoe Dunford and Erna Gotyar have one mission in these marshes - to clean up the man made mess.

Zoe Dunford from the Coastal Exploration Company said: “When you see litter somewhere like this it’s even more shocking and it’s a bit of a wake up call as to what we do to these pristine environments.

“We’re used to seeing litter strewn around roundabouts on motorways, but when we see it in a wilderness like this…”

Some of the litter found looks like it comes from Norway. Credit: ITV News Anglia

On land it doesn't take the pair long to start gathering waste. Some of it is from boats or windfarms, some deliberately discarded, others from our water systems. It all seems to end up on our beaches.

With the boat loaded with litter it's time to head back to harbour and the port bins.

The litter comes from windfarms, boats and water systems Credit: ITV News Anglia
The women load their boat with collected litter. Credit: ITV News Anglia