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Stansted Airport's 'no fly zone' for drones extended

Drones will now not be able to fly with 5km of Stansted Airport. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A 'no fly zone' for drones has been extended around Stansted Airport, from 1km to 5km.

The new legislation comes into force from Wednesday to help protect aircraft and minimise disruption to passengers.

It will mean that no drones or model aircraft can be flown near the airport, although police drones will now be allowed to fly within the restriction zone to help fight crime.

Last December drone sightings over Gatwick airport led to a thousand flights being cancelled or diverted, affecting 140,000 passengers.

The number of near misses between drones and aircraft went up 34% in 2018.

“We fully support the plans developed by Essex Police to utilise the Force’s drones at London Stansted to assist in the prevention and detection of any criminal activity at or near the airport," London Stansted’s Operations Director, Nick Millar said.

“We also welcome the extension of the no fly zones around UK airports and the introduction of additional powers for the police.”