A 58-year-old man has been convicted of illegally fox hunting during a Boxing Day event in Suffolk.

Christopher Amatt, of Attleton Green, Wickhambrook, was found guilty of intentionally hunting a mammal with dogs and assault following a three-day trial at Suffolk Magistrates' Court in Ipswich.

Archibald Clifton-Brown, aged 19, of Little Bradley, was also found guilty of assault but cleared of the hunting charge.

The court heard a red fox had been chased by a number of hunt hounds and killed on Tuesday December 26 2017 during the event at Trundley Wood, off Bury Road, in Great Thurlow, near Haverhill.

Following that, a man monitoring the hunt was wrestled to the ground and assaulted by Clifton-Brown. The victim was not injured.

Police were called and Amatt and Clifton-Brown were later summonsed to court.

Both were fined for their offences and ordered to pay costs and a victim surcharge.

Sgt Brian Calver, from Suffolk Police's rural crime team, said it was important to have wildlife officers protecting and speaking up for nature.

"The Hunting Act came into force in 2005 and, as such, there’s no excuse for those involved in this pastime to carry out such acts. The legislation makes it quite clear what can and cannot be done and those involved have a duty to be conversant with the rules.

Sgt Brian Calver, Suffolk Police