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Pictures: Inside Cambridge's new eco-mosque

The Cambridge Mosque Trust said that the mosque will not follow any particular school of Islam Credit: Shaz Begg, Cambridge Muslim Hub

Pictures of Cambridge's new eco-friendly mosque have been revealed.

Located on Mill Road, the building will be the city's first purpose-built mosque.

The Cambridge Mosque Trust, who are behind the new place of worship, have said Cambridge's current mosque on Mawson Road is currently too small. A growing number of worshippers means the city's muslims need a new building.

According to the Trust "significant design features" will decrease carbon emission. It has also added that the new mosque will continue to welcome muslim and non-muslim visitors.

The mosque will open in late spring Credit: Shaz Begg, Cambridge Muslim Hub
Rainwater will be used to flush the toilets and irrigate the grounds Credit: Shaz Begg, Cambridge Muslim Trust

"The new mosque will continue to build on these bridge-building activities. It will incorporate a cafeteria open to all members of the community, following the highly-successful example of the Dublin Mosque, whose restaurant is a popular meeting place."

– Cambridge Mosque Trust

Although the new mosque was open on 15 March for prayers, it will officially open to all at the end of spring this year.