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Nearly 48,000 knives and weapons handed to Essex Police

Nearly 48,000 knives and weapons have been collected in Essex.

Nearly 48,000 knives and weapons have been taken off Essex's streets since amnesty bins were introduced in 2015.

This year alone has seen more than 4,000 handed in. The figures were revealed after a week-long awareness campaign about knife crime.

Every district in the county now has an amnesty bin after the latest one was installed outside the council offices in Maldon.

The charity Only Cowards Carry supplies knife amnesty bins across Essex.

  • Since 2015 - 47,715 knives and weapons have been collected
  • This year - 4,281 knives and weapons collected
  • Two new amnesty bins were installed in Maldon and Grays last week
More than 4,000 weapons were collected this year alone.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Wells said: “We know some people carry a knife because they think it will keep them safe.

"But the reality is they are more likely to either use that blade to hurt someone, or it will be used on them.

“Just being found carrying a knife or blade alone could result in a prison term of up to four years."

The latest amnesty bin was installed in Maldon.

Shani Jackson, of Only Cowards Carry, said: “A kitchen knife is seen by most people as a standard kitchen utensil, others may see it as a potential weapon.

“By discarding knives in the correct manner, we can help decrease the use of knives as weapons.”

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