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Rogue bird which brought A12 to a standstill rhea-turned to owner

Colin is back home after his adventure on the A12. Credit: Luke Scofield/ITV News Anglia

A rogue bird which brought the A12 to a standstill after it wandered onto the road near Colchester has been safely rhea-turned to its owner.

Drivers near Colchester United's stadium couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Colin the Rhea strolling through traffic during rush hour on Thursday evening.

It turned out he'd escaped from a nearby field after a gate was left open.

Thankfully, police managed to escort him home safe and sound.

"I'm so relieved! I'm so grateful to everyone who helped bring him home again," owner Debbie Johnson told ITV News Anglia.

"He is a character, I love him dearly. He's a pain in the neck but I wouldn't be without him!"

Owner Debbie is delighted to have Colin back safe and sound. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's not the first time that Colin has escaped.

Back in November, he went missing for five days after he got through a gap in the hedge.

On that occasion, he was eventually rescued by the local zoo from someone's back garden.