'It's a living hell': Parents anguish as search for missing teen continues

Leah's been missing for more than five weeks. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The mother of a teenager missing since Valentine's Day has said it is becoming 'more unbelievable each day' her daughter ran away, as fears for her safety grow.

Leah Croucher was last seen by her parents on Thursday, February 14. A group of volunteers today gathered at Emerson Valley Community Centre in Milton Keynes to help continue the search.

They put up posters all around the town appealing for witnesses to come forward, in the hope it will jog somebody’s memory.

We’re getting more and more worried by the day, because we've been trying to think positive that she's just run away. But the fact that she hasn't used her bank cards or her phone or logged onto Facebook, it just makes it becomes more and more unbelievable each day because she's a typical teenager in that respect, she lives on her phone.

Claire Croucher, Leahs mum

She was last seen by her family at 10pm on Valentine's Day in Quantock Crescent, Emerson Valley.

The following day (Friday 15th February) she was seen on CCTV in Buzzacott Lane in Furzton, just after 8.15am.

The 19-year old was last seen on CCTV. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Earlier multiple teams of volunteers set out with thousands of posters to continue looking for her.

"She’s a lovely person. We want her back safe, that’s the main thing and we try to do our best to communicate that and spread it to the people." "It was only right that we come and help to put the posters out and just do our part really to say that we are there and we are supporting them." >

Two volunteers involved in the search.

Her father also put banners up on bridges where they could be seen by thousands of drivers a day.

ITV Anglia. Credit: ITV Anglia.

"This is my worst nightmare I just want my little girl back. I can't put it into words. It’s a living hell I just need her home."

John Croucher, Leah's dad.

Police are still appealing for witnesses and a £5,000 reward has been donated anonymously in the hope it’ll encourage someone to come forward.