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Residents angry over decision to wrap trees with netting to stop birds from nesting

The trees that have been wrapped at Highfields Academy in Ely Credit: Lee Madgwick

Residents living near a Primary School at Ely are angry over the decision to wrap trees with netting to stop birds from nesting.

Highfield Academy is planning an expansion to its special school which means that the netting has been put up to prevent birds from nesting in the trees before they're removed.

The nets have been put up to stop birds nesting ahead of them being removed Credit: Lee Madgwick

Residents took to social media to vent their frustration with the decision.

One man wrote: "Cover the trees in nets. That way no birds can nest. Then, as there are no nesting birds, they can get permission to build. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour."

Another added: "Good design respects trees and wildlife. These kids deserve the best design and the best school environment. I haven’t seen the proposals- they may present reasonable mitigation for the loss of trees but the netting is wrong."

In compensation for the loss of trees, 22 new ones will be planted and as well as shrub beds and bat and bird boxes.