Bundesliga Bantz: Borussia Dortmund respond to Norwich City's Yellow Wall

The original Yellow Wall Credit: PA

Readers of a certain age will be familiar with the Australian hit comedy Crocodile Dundee - and this iconic scene.

Now Borussia Dortmund and Norwich City are involved in a football version...

Ever since the arrival of their German head coach, the Canaries have embraced all things Teutonic.

From fan marches before games

To fundraising to create a wall of colour in the club's home end.

The Barclay End Credit: Along Came Nodge

The club has been so pleased with the impact it has had that they did this for their upcoming trip to Wigan.

Mention of the Yellow Wall got the attention of a certain Bundesliga club - who have a rather big Yellow Wall of their own.

Their reply was one of, shall we say mild bemusement.

The Norfolk side were perhaps taken a little aback...

But fear not, the Bundesliga championship chasers responded with this.