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Man's mission to remove knives from Corby's streets

A man from Northamptonshire has been collecting knives from young people in a bid to make the streets he grew up on safer.

Jack, who only wanted to be known by his first name, has removed a haul of knives, knuckle-dusters and even a sword from the streets of Corby and given them to Faron Paul as part of the 'Faz Amnesty' campaign.

The former athlete exchanges shop vouchers for dangerous weapons, which are then handed in to police.

Jack said he was inspired to take action after he found out he was going to become a father.

Jack, left, and some of the weapons he has collected in Corby. Credit: ITV

"I just want to make the place a lot better and a lot safer for the next generation because if not - if nobody takes a stance - then the place is just going deteriorate even further and who's going to make a change unless we do it ourselves?"

– Jack

It comes as the Government holds its knife crime summit, consulting more than 100 experts on plans to make teachers, nurses and police officers accountable for spotting 'warning signs.'

Knife crime is on the rise across the country and one minister has branded it a "disease rotting our society".

In Northamptonshire alone, 323 people were convicted for offences involving knives last year.

Last month, during a week-long crackdown, the county's force took 147 knives off the streets and made 18 arrests.

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