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March was one of the hottest on record in East Anglia

Sunset at Hitchin in Hertfordshire on the final day of March 2019. Credit: Julie Smith

After the sunniest February on record, March 2019 has been one of the warmest ever in the East of England. It was also quite sunny too.

Temperatures during March were 1-2°C above normal at around 12°C by day and 4.5°C by night.

It will make March 2019 one of the ten hottest since records in East Anglia in 1910.

The hottest March on record in the region was only two years around in 2017 when daytime temperatures averaged 13°C.

Perfect weather for punting in Cambridge on 30 March 2019. Credit: Joanne Joyce

The average March maximum temperature in a normal year in East Anglia is 10°C. The highest temperature reached in the Anglia region during March 2019 was 19°C but there was an even warmer day in February.

It reached 19.7°C at Little Paxton in Cambridgeshire on 26 February 2019.

The warmest and the coldest place in the region during March was Santon Downham in Thetford Forest in the Suffolk-Norfolk border.

Highest temperature of the month recorded on 30th (Santon Downham, Suffolk)
Lowest temperature of the month recorded on 26th (Santon Downham, Suffolk)
The beach at Bacton in Norfolk during March 2019 - a warm and sunny month in East Anglia. Credit: Lesley Mackenzie

March 2019 was also sunnier than normal in the East of England with 30% more sunshine than average.

The average daily sunshine total during the month was around 4¾ hour which is about an hour per day more than normal.

Wittering near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire was the sunniest place in the UK during March with 166½ hours of sunshine.

March 2019 was only slightly wetter than normal despite almost daily rainfall during the first fortnight of the month.

But there was no significant rain in East Anglia from the 19 March to 31 March making the region the driest in Britain.

The regional rainfall total for the month was 48 mm (1.9 inches) which is about 10% higher than the average for March in the East of England.

The driest place in the Anglia region during March was Cambridge with 37 mm of rain while the wettest was Houghton in Norfolk with 63 mm.

The wettest place in the UK was Capel Curig in Wales with 487 mm of rain during the month.

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