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Men jailed for cash machine attacks

Credit: Bedfordshire Police.

A gang of five men who made more than £1,000,000 from attacking cash machines in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and across the country, have been jailed.

It's believed the group caused more than £200,000 worth of damage after they targeted ATMs between June 2017 and September 2018.

The men used specialist cutting equipment, stolen from fire stations, to force entry into stores and attack the cash machines.

One incident was committed in Bedfordshire in August last year when the gang targeted an ATM at a supermarket in Clapham.

One of the pieces of stolen cutting equipment the gang used. Credit: Bedfordshire Police

The men received sentences ranging from more than 4 years to 7 and a half.

The offenders were part of an organised crime group responsible for a string of ATM attacks across the UK which netted them a considerable amount of cash.

The gang were motivated by greed and gave no consideration to the damage and destruction they left behind.These crimes had a huge impact on the local community with many of the cash machines the group targeted the only source of withdrawing cash for people in the area, some of which haven't been replaced.

Not only that the group were prepared to use violence to commit the offences and stole vital specialist life-saving equipment from fire stations with total disregard to the public.