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'One season and we'll be back up' - When will Ipswich return to the Championship?

Straight back up? How long will Ipswich be in League One? Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ipswich fans are divided over how long it will take the club to get back into the Championship.

What do you think? Will Ipswich return to the Championship after one season in League One?

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Speaking to supporters after a one all draw with Birmingham, some fans were confident saying "one season and we'll be back up".

Others thought it could take a little longer. One fan told us: "I don’t think we’ll come back straight away, like a lot of people say, it’ll take a couple of years. They've got some great youth players there. Just give them time."

A lot of others were not sure. Another fan told us they were "in two minds if we’ll come straight back up or not.

"It just depends… we’ve got some good players in there. Gel them together and two up front is what we need and I think we’ll be alright.

"It might take a season or two."

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