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Ipswich Town owner to make up £9m shortfall after dropping out of Championship

Lee O'Neil, General Manager of Football Operations at Ipswich Town. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ipswich Town have insisted they can still be competitive, despite losing nearly £9 million in funding by dropping out of the Championship.

Lee O'Neil, the General Manager of Football Operations at Ipswich Town, suggested owner Marcus Evans would make up the shortfall.

"There’s a large amount of money that is going to be lost going into League One," said Mr O'Neil.

"Nearly £9 million, which is a large amount of money, that Marcus Evans now has to put into the club to make sure that we’re competitive and being able to challenge for that promotion spot back into the Championship."

Mr O'Neil added that the club was working on a "long-term sustainable plan" that would be based around the young players.

He said playing in League One would bring a different type of pressure on the squad.

"There’s always pressure on the squad," said Mr O'Neil. "When you look at the team they’ve been playing with pressure all season, so it’s a different type of pressure, it’s a pressure we need to embrace.

"It’s also an opportunity for those younger players to go on and have a sustained period of games.

"It’s an opportunity for the older and senior players to stay in games and help those younger players.

"And the new players we’ve had come in the building over the last 12 months, you know we’re looking at a long-term sustainable plan for the club where we can have that nucleus of the team that’s challenging up there for promotion."

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