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New dedicated team to investigate burglaries in Northamptonshire

The new Chief Constable at Northamptonshire Police has promised every reported burglary in the county will be properly investigated and a dedicated 'burglary team' has been set up.

Northants police are currently offering safety advice to local people and targeting those who break into their homes.

Nick Adderley, Chief Constable, Northants Police Credit: ITV Anglia

The county's Chief Constable, who was appointed in 2018, told ITV Anglia tackling burglaries is his number one priority.

"I've made a commitment that we will visit every home that has been burgled with a forensic investigator and a police officer, we have to drive down that crime, because for me if you don't feel secure in your home you don't feel secure anywhere"

– Nick Adderley, Chief Constable, Northants Police
Elouise gets her stolen tablet returned Credit: ITV Anglia

Officers invited burglary victim Laura Baker and her three young children a chance to see behind the scenes at Kettering Police Station

Two months ago their home in Northampton was burgled and precious, personal items stolen.

"It completely shook everything, our haven, our home, is where we should feel safe, and just because of the act of a criminal we felt really vulnerable, my children found it very difficult to get to sleep for a number of evenings afterwards simply because they were worried someone would come back into the home"

– Laura Baker, Burglary victim
Officers offering crime prevention advice Credit: ITV Anglia

During the visit two-year-old Eloise got back her beloved tablet from the detective who caught their burglar and made sure he went to prison.

There are nine officers in the new dedicated Burglary Team. They will be supported by intelligence, forensic and proactive resources, working under the banner Operation Crooked.

Operation Crooked briefing Credit: ITV Anglia

The week the team began there were nearly 120 domestic burglaries in the county.

After just three weeks that had fallen to less than 30 as word spread among criminals that they are being targeted.

"The Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner have listened to the public who are passionate about tackling burglaries, they want to reduce the number and it is key and imperative that we start tackling these burglars and putting them away for a long period of time."

– DCI Andy Rogers, Northants Police