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How do you eat yours? Ipswich Fish and Chip shop sells battered Creme Eggs this Easter

Would you try a battered Creme Egg? Credit: ITV Anglia

We all love a Creme Egg at Easter, but have you ever tried a battered one?

It's the new addition to the menu at Nacton Road Fish Bar in Ipswich and it's going down a treat with many customers.

It's not the only battered option though - there's also pizza, Mars bars and crab sticks on offer too.

The eggs are deep fried. Credit: ITV Anglia

The Easter favourite is deep fried to give it a crispy layer, with a cold, gooey inside.

As well as giving customers something different to try, there's another reason behind why the shop's selling them this Easter.

With Cadbury's quest to find a hidden special white chocolate egg across the country, the Fish Bar's hoping they'll be the lucky ones to find it, and grab the £10,000 prize.

The shop have vowed that if they did win the money, they would donate the cash to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

This customer definitely enjoyed his! Credit: ITV Anglia

Chef Lewis Minter says the eggs have definitely captured people's imagination.

"There is a lot of people that love it, there is a lot of people that are intrigued by it and there is a lot of people that it's not for them. I think it's egg-cellent!

"The way that we do it is that you still get the nice texture of the egg. The cream in the egg is still cold. It's just banging!"

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